• Lisa Saunders

    The Lisa Saunders Show: Hospice Volunteers at Masonicare Full-Screen
  • New Book

    By Lisa Saunders

    Lisa Saunders BookThe bittersweet human condition of love and loss is examined though the lens of history. By hearing how these famous (and infamous) people managed their lives after the loss of a spouse, we come to realize the potential that exists in all of us. Buy on Amazon

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  • New Book

    By Pathfinder Founder

    After the Loss of a Spouse: What’s Next?EAfter the Loss of a Spouse: What's Next? is a concise guidebook for rebuilding a life after the loss of a spouse. Compassionately written, Moore offers strategies for honoring the memory of the marriage and perpetuating the influence of his or her spirit. Buy on Amazon

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  • Expressive Arts

    Features writer, Amy J. Barry; Retreat leader, Dr. Joanne Moore: discuss Expressive Arts. Full-Screen
  • Books and Things

    Books and Things with Tom: After the Loss of a Spouse: What's Next? Full-Screen
  • Caregiving

    Caregiving by Dr. Joanne Z. Moore, Physical Therapist, with Lisa Saunders. Full-Screen
  • John Valeri

    Examiner.com, discusses book, After the Loss of a Spouse: What's Next? with Dr. Moore. Full-Screen
  • Ann Nyberg

    Ann Nyberg Discusses Memoir with Dr. Joanne Moore, Pathfinder, and Lisa Saunders. Full-Screen
  • Pathfinder

    Letter from Editor

    Summer is a difficult time to grieve. It seems so incongruous to be teary amidst the sunshine, outdoor concerts, and fireworks. Everyone else seems to be having such a good time. It’s hard to find a place to fit in. And the memories of great summers gone by rush back – even passing by our favorite ice cream shop conjures up memories. Sure, I could get in line for a cone, but it’s just not as much fun by myself.

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We welcome readers to submit questions and comments to the Editor, Joanne Moore. Feel free to submit questions on family issues and mental health (Jane Milardo, LMFT), along with poetry and photography (Patricia Ann Chaffee) for possible publication.

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To console, support and empower the modern widow/er. Find the place between your circumstances as a widow/er and your extraordinary life. It can be a journey for many of us to find those special friends in our lives we can trust, but when we do, they are the gems we can’t live without.

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Introducing Pathfinder - A Companion Guide to the Widow/er’s Journey

PathfinderJust as no two people are alike, we recognize that no two marriages are alike. The only thing that binds us together is that we have all lost a spouse. We are otherwise a true cross section of America. We come from all backgrounds, and have unique dreams for our futures. By listening to each other, we find bits of inspiration to become creative as we forge our own new path. This magazine provides opportunities to learn from each other, to become enabled, and to share our experiences.

What's New

widow history header
June 13, 2016 877

Widow/er of History - Katharine Graham – A Widow's Truth Topples Nixon and Earns a Pulitzer Prize

by Lisa Saunders
When Katharine Graham’s husband, Philip Graham, publisher of The Washington Post, ended his life, Katharine went to work. Thinking she would just keep the Post in the family until her children could take over, little did the shy housewife know she would face… Read More
socialmedia header
June 11, 2016 1133

Social Media - Becky McCoy Shares Stories of Hope and Healing in Weekly Episodes of Her Podcast

by Amy J. Barry
Becky McCoy recently launched a podcast titled Stories of Unfolding Grace.Where some might think the Internet is hindering face-to-face communication, Becky McCoy, a Niantic, Connecticut resident, is using the newest technologies to connect people in powerful… Read More
inhishonor header
June 11, 2016 798

In His Honor – Debbie Pausig Re-Invents Herself After 17 Year Affair With Huntington's Disease

by Patricia Ann Chaffee
For 25 years, Debbie Pausig was a patrol officer and later a detective with the North Haven Police Department. The challenging work she did there might be considered a breeze, compared to her 17 year experience, caring for her husband Perry, who had… Read More
featurewidow header
June 11, 2016 1786

Featured Widow/er - Sal Gentile Faces Grief Head On

by Patricia Ann Chaffee
Sal Gentile has always been a spiritual person but doesn’t consider himself a particularly religious one. Often people confuse the two. He isn’t really a church goer but has been a seeker on a spiritual journey since his 20’s, his bookshelves filled with the… Read More
June 11, 2016 984

Expressive Arts - Why Storytelling Matters

by Patricia Ann Chaffee
Carolyn Strearns Kevin Brooks & Laura PackerThe National Storytelling Network defines Storytelling as “an ancient art form and a valuable form of human expression…Storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images… Read More
feature header
June 11, 2016 804

Feature - Jewelry

by Dr. Joanne Z Moore, PT, DHSC, OCS
Those beautiful rings, chosen with such anticipation and care, were exchanged on our wedding day. To us, they represented the promise of love that would last forever. To the world, the ring was a sign that we were “taken.” So now what... It seems that of all… Read More
humor header
June 11, 2016 1191

Humor - Poor Widow Me - Are We Survivors Really That Needy?

by Carol Scibelli
Last night I dreamt my late husband was sitting next to me wearing a dark suit, blue shirt and tie. Talk about “all dressed up and nowhere to go…” Jimmy hadn’t aged a bit. I was just about to ask him what moisturizer he uses, when I opened my eyes, shook away… Read More
nutrition header
June 11, 2016 817

Nutrition - Summer Strawberry Delights

by Rosemary Collins, RDN
Summer is the season for all things strawberry and in June the “pick your own” fields are brimming with home grown delights. While fresh berries, warm from the sun are a perfect breakfast or snack, to me they need something extra to elevate them to dessert… Read More

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