• Rebuilding Your Life

    Dr. Joanne Z. Moore

    Rebuilding Your Life After Loss Dr. Joanne Z. Moore Offers Strategies. Free and open to the public, but pre-registration is required. Middletown, Conn.-- Dr. Joanne Z. Moore PT, DHSc, OCS, Editor and Founder of Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the Widow/er’s Journey, shares her unique perspective on how to not only survive a loss, but also handle the small things ...

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  • Expressive Arts

    Features writer, Amy J. Barry; Retreat leader, Dr. Joanne Moore: discuss Expressive Arts. Full-Screen
  • Books and Things

    Books and Things with Tom: After the Loss of a Spouse: What's Next? Full-Screen
  • Caregiving

    Caregiving by Dr. Joanne Z. Moore, Physical Therapist, with Lisa Saunders. Full-Screen
  • New Book

    By Pathfinder Founder

    After the Loss of a Spouse: What’s Next?East Lyme, Conn.— Act II Publications, LLC, announces the release of new guidebook, After the Loss of a Spouse: What's Next? by Joanne Z. Moore, PT, DHSc. Dr. Moore is the editor of the digital magazine... Buy on Amazon

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  • John Valeri

    Examiner.com, discusses book, After the Loss of a Spouse: What's Next? with Dr. Moore. Full-Screen
  • Ann Nyberg

    Ann Nyberg Discusses Memoir with Dr. Joanne Moore, Pathfinder, and Lisa Saunders. Full-Screen
  • Pathfinder

    Letter from Editor

    Dear readers, there is something exciting about beginning a new year. It has a pristine quality to it, like fresh fallen snow, or a blank canvas. A new year is a chance for a do-over, to start anew. I love New Year’s Day because it seems that so much possibility lies ahead. It’s true that what lies ahead is...

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A Companion GuidePathfinder

Pathfinder offers full color, digital magazines for your enjoyment. Browse our collection, no limit to the number of magazines you can download. This magazine provides opportunities to learn from each other, to become enabled, and to share our experiences. Open Pathfinder on your Tablet by tapping the Magazine Cover.

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We welcome readers to submit questions and comments to the Editor, Joanne Moore. Feel free to submit questions on family issues and mental health (Jane Milardo, LMFT), along with poetry and photography (Patricia Ann Chaffee) for possible publication.

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Dr. Moore, widowed in 2009, is Publisher and Founder of the new print & online lifestyle magazine, Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the Widow/er’s Journey. Stay up to date on everything happening at Pathfinder by following our Twitter.

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To console, support and empower the modern widow/er. Find the place between your circumstances as a widow/er and your extraordinary life. It can be a journey for many of us to find those special friends in our lives we can trust, but when we do, they are the gems we can’t live without.

Introducing Pathfinder - A Companion Guide to the Widow/er’s Journey

PathfinderJust as no two people are alike, we recognize that no two marriages are alike. The only thing that binds us together is that we have all lost a spouse. We are otherwise a true cross section of America. We come from all backgrounds, and have unique dreams for our futures. By listening to each other, we find bits of inspiration to become creative as we forge our own new path. This magazine provides opportunities to learn from each other, to become enabled, and to share our experiences.

What's New

book review header
March 30, 2016 796

Book Review - The Wisdom of Grief: A Treasure Trove of Help for the Bereaved

by Amy J. Barry
Leslie Palumbo has had more than her fair share of profound loss, not that there is anything fair about any untimely death. Her mother committed suicide 12 years ago at age 64 and her husband died eight months ago after being diagnosed with a terminal illness… Read More
home header
March 28, 2016 150

Home - Creative Space In Every Home

by Patricia Ann Chaffee
“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.” – Alan Alda Creating is an important part of the human condition. And whether we want to admit it or not, we are all artists, all meant to create in some form or… Read More
March 28, 2016 185

Entertainment - The Magic of Belle Isle

by Patricia Ann Chaffee
A miserable has-been writer, bound to a wheelchair, comes alive when he spends a summer at a lake community in The Magic of Belle Isle. There is indeed something magical that happens when award winning writer, Monte Wildhorn, played by Morgan Freeman, arrives… Read More
Feature - Dressing for a First Date
March 28, 2016 256

Feature - Dressing for a First Date

by Dr. Joanne Z Moore, PT, DHSC, OCS
Does what we wear influence the course of our day, or does how we feel influence what we wear? Do we dress in response to what the world expects of us, as when we wore those awful school uniforms? Or do we dress to communicate how we see our role in the… Read More
poetry header
March 28, 2016 174

Poetry - From Under the Covers

by Anne Wingfield
By Anne WingfieldSlits of sunlightSneak in my morningDancing dust wandersAround by the windowAlone I awake slowlySurprising the dayPeering at it a littleAt a timeWondering what kind ofMood it's in. Read More
March 28, 2016 128

Expressive Arts - The Union of Art and Spirituality

by Patricia Ann Chaffee
“Creativity, like human life itself, begins in darkness” – Julia Cameron Creativity in any form is often generated from something in life that stops us in our tracks. Not always, but often, those life altering events prompt us to stop right where we are. That… Read More
March 28, 2016 193

Spirituality - Creativity, Collaboration and Energy in Action

by Patricia Ann Chaffee
Energy in Action: (l-r) Cheryl Roby, Gay Stinnet & Carin Roaldset Filled with inevitable twists and turns, our journeys through life take on unique directions influenced by a multitude of factors. In the pursuit of creativity, three women have come together,… Read More
nutrition header
March 28, 2016 229

Nutrition - Foods To Help Boost Your Memory

by Rosemary Collins, RDN
There are many reasons why you might be feeling forgetful, lack of sleep, stress, but there is no doubt that food plays a part in brain health. There is no guarantee that eating the right foods will help you remember where you put your car keys but its never… Read More

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