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    The Lisa Saunders Show: Hospice Volunteers at Masonicare Full-Screen
  • New Book

    By Lisa Saunders

    Lisa Saunders BookThe bittersweet human condition of love and loss is examined though the lens of history. By hearing how these famous (and infamous) people managed their lives after the loss of a spouse, we come to realize the potential that exists in all of us. Buy on Amazon

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  • New Book

    By Pathfinder Founder

    After the Loss of a Spouse: What’s Next?EAfter the Loss of a Spouse: What's Next? is a concise guidebook for rebuilding a life after the loss of a spouse. Compassionately written, Moore offers strategies for honoring the memory of the marriage and perpetuating the influence of his or her spirit. Buy on Amazon

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  • Expressive Arts

    Features writer, Amy J. Barry; Retreat leader, Dr. Joanne Moore: discuss Expressive Arts. Full-Screen
  • Books and Things

    Books and Things with Tom: After the Loss of a Spouse: What's Next? Full-Screen
  • Caregiving

    Caregiving by Dr. Joanne Z. Moore, Physical Therapist, with Lisa Saunders. Full-Screen
  • John Valeri

    Examiner.com, discusses book, After the Loss of a Spouse: What's Next? with Dr. Moore. Full-Screen
  • Ann Nyberg

    Ann Nyberg Discusses Memoir with Dr. Joanne Moore, Pathfinder, and Lisa Saunders. Full-Screen
  • Pathfinder

    Letter from Editor

    Summer is a difficult time to grieve. It seems so incongruous to be teary amidst the sunshine, outdoor concerts, and fireworks. Everyone else seems to be having such a good time. It’s hard to find a place to fit in. And the memories of great summers gone by rush back – even passing by our favorite ice cream shop conjures up memories. Sure, I could get in line for a cone, but it’s just not as much fun by myself.

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A Companion GuidePathfinder

Pathfinder offers full color, digital magazines for your enjoyment. Browse our collection, no limit to the number of magazines you can download. This magazine provides opportunities to learn from each other, to become enabled, and to share our experiences. Open Pathfinder on your Tablet by tapping the Magazine Cover.

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We welcome readers to submit questions and comments to the Editor, Joanne Moore. Feel free to submit questions on family issues and mental health (Jane Milardo, LMFT), along with poetry and photography (Patricia Ann Chaffee) for possible publication.

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Dr. Moore, widowed in 2009, is Publisher and Founder of the new print & online lifestyle magazine, Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the Widow/er’s Journey. Stay up to date on everything happening at Pathfinder by following our Twitter.

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To console, support and empower the modern widow/er. Find the place between your circumstances as a widow/er and your extraordinary life. It can be a journey for many of us to find those special friends in our lives we can trust, but when we do, they are the gems we can’t live without.

East Lyme, Conn.—Act II Publications, LLC - Download from Amazon

Introducing Pathfinder - A Companion Guide to the Widow/er’s Journey

PathfinderJust as no two people are alike, we recognize that no two marriages are alike. The only thing that binds us together is that we have all lost a spouse. We are otherwise a true cross section of America. We come from all backgrounds, and have unique dreams for our futures. By listening to each other, we find bits of inspiration to become creative as we forge our own new path. This magazine provides opportunities to learn from each other, to become enabled, and to share our experiences.

New Magazine – Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the Widow/er’s Journey

JULY 24, 2014

Developing Strategies for Living Well after Loss

Free July Online Issue

Joanne Z. Moore, PT, DHSc. (Photo by Stephen W. Moore.)Joanne Z. Moore, PT, DHSc. (Photo by Stephen W. Moore.)East Lyme, Conn. — The new magazine, Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the Widow/er’s Journey, is now available online. The public can receive free access to the July 2014 issue at www.widowedpathfinder.com.

Joanne Z. Moore, PT, DHSc., of East Lyme, Conn., founded Pathfinder to explore and share the successful practices of widow/ers—artists, politicians, teachers and historical figures—who have learned to live well after loss.

Dr. Moore said, “What makes Pathfinder unique is the slant on how widow/ers need to look at everyday issues in new ways. It is a community where they can ask advice of experts and of each other to find strategies for developing a life of joy and purpose.”

In addition to compassionate and honest sharing of experiences among widows and widowers, Pathfinder includes practical advice on managing finances, health, relationships, travel, and home and car maintenance.

The July 2014 issue of Pathfinder features a widow who found new meaning by pursuing a career in art; famous widower Norman Rockwell who took a non-art class that changed his life; and a widow who is perpetuating her husband's memory by continuing his forestry work.

Moore is the author of the soon-to-be released book, “Common Sense: Strategies for Living a Joyful and Meaningful Life after Loss.” A noted speaker and workshop facilitator on end-of-life and survivor issues, she is a member of Toastmasters International and has achieved Distinguished Toastmaster level. She is the owner of Shoreline Physical Therapy, LLC, in East Lyme.

For more information, contact Dr. Moore at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.widowedpathfinder.com. Contact Dr. Moore directly for availability of magazine excerpts and images.

About the Publisher

Joanne Z. Moore, PT, DHSc., lives in East Lyme, Connecticut. In addition to publishing Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the Widow/er’s Journey, she is the owner of Shoreline Physical Therapy, LLC.

When Moore was widowed in 2009 after 37 years of marriage, she found few resources to help her negotiate the new path her life had taken. She said, “Being widowed is not a stage of life that most of us prepare for very well. When it happens, we need role models and friends to support us as we transition to a new way of living.”

Moore’s 40 years of experience as a physical therapist has taught her to value life at every stage, despite tragedy. She has observed people learning to adapt to a new, fulfilling life of purpose even after serious injury and degenerative diseases. She has learned that the people who are happiest are those who can find the good in new situations. She drew upon this experience when her own husband was diagnosed with cancer. She intentionally made the last stage of her marriage rich in love. Her husband commented that they saved the best for last, as it was a time of great intimacy and harmony. They valued that time together as much as they valued each stage of their marriage. After his death in 2009 after 37 years of marriage, she continues to live intentionally. She honors his memory by managing 260 acres of forestland that he intended to help with his grandchildren’s mortgages.

Moore’s Pathfinder magazine supports the widow/er by telling stories of how other people have managed this stage of life. Stories are as varied as the individuals experiencing their unique struggle. Some describe common pitfalls, and some are inspirational.

In addition to speaking on physical health, end-of-life and survivor issues, Dr. Moore presents a variety of lectures of interest to widow/ers and staff who work with them. Widow/er topics of interest include “Process for Decision Making”; “Common Financial Mistakes”; “Charting a Course for the Future”; “Rediscovering Joy and Purpose”; and “Developing Personal and Professional Goals.”

Moore earned her doctorate in Health Sciences from the University of St. Augustine. She studied physical therapy at Quinnipiac University, Conn., and earned a master’s degree in Human Performance from Southern Connecticut State University.

Pathfinder Newsletter

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