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By: Patricia Ann Chaffee

Sydneystairwaymar2013-2400Sydney HermanOften times when people think about mediums, psychics, spirit readers and intuitives, they get that Ghost Busters chill running up their spine. But increasingly, regular folks just like you and me, are reaching out to learn more about the spirit world, armed not with a Ghostbuster’s proton pack, but rather an inquiring mind and an open heart. And our answer to, “who you gonna call?”, just might be Sydney Sherman.

Sydney Sherman is an author, medium and paranormal investigator from Connecticut, who tours the state presenting talks about understanding your senses and connecting with the afterlife. She presents workshops and seminars to packed seats in libraries, community centers and private homes. There is often a line formed out the door with folks waiting to get in and when advance registration is available, she is sold out.

The demographic of her audience is mostly women ages 25-90 with very few men. And why aren’t there more men? “For many men, everything is in a box. It’s black and white,” says Sydney. “Even if they have an experience of something they still deny it. Not every man, but it’s how men are. But on the other hand, women, notice every little knock and bang. “Did you hear that?” they ask. Both could be more centered, more balanced.”

Sydney has seen an increase in interest in her talks that she has been giving for the past five years. She believes she is different than what people see or hear on television and she thinks that’s what makes her interesting to people. “I think people want to hear something that sounds a little more rational than what they see on television. It’s a lot of misinformation,” says Sydney.

Syndney Sherman book CoverThe reason television shows on the topic are so popular, she speculates, is that people like to be scared, they like the drama factor. They often show orbs but orbs are not energy, orbs are not spirits according to Sydney. “I’m trying to get people to come back to a practical, common sense approach. What I do is real. I see people who have passed. I see the energy that is still here from the person who was. We are energy beings. Everything that makes us who we are is energy, and we are based on energy. As living beings we have like a candy covered shell that is our physical self that people can see. Our physical self is flawed. So we can get sick and old. Our body no longer sustains itself. I see the energy of the person who was here.”

We begin as energy and end as energy and people want things to make sense in this realm. She explains the science of what she does.

“What really ties it all together is that energy cannot be created or destroyed. The theory is that if energy has been here since the beginning of time and cannot be destroyed, you cannot die. Your physical self dies, but the energy of your spirit lives on. The definition of energy is viable and sustained. We are energy from the very beginning. We just go back to that form. Everybody can see other people’s energies if they know what to look for.”

And that’s exactly what Sydney does in her workshops and seminars. She teaches people not to rely on others with paranormal gifts but to recognize for themselves, the spirits that are in their lives. In the workshops, she gives them the tools, and although people often expect a little hocus pocus and eye of newt, what they get is a down to earth, jeans and t-shirt wearing regular person. “I don’t look like Esmerelda,” she assures.

People often see shadows or a silhouette revealing that our loved ones can only present themselves through energy and she teaches the tools to recognize and experience that presence with no need to be scared. Using all the senses except for taste, participants learn how to wrap their head around this idea and that it makes absolute sense.

People may wonder what the difference is between an intuitive, medium, and psychic. An intuitive is someone with the ability to know things, explains Sydney. A psychic is someone who can tell about what will happen in the future, solve crimes, and has better insight into the physical aspect of things happening in people’s lives. “As a medium, I can see your loved ones, I can talk to your loved ones, and tell you who they are, usually date of birth, pet names, describe homes, etc. All the information comes from them. It’s not vague, but very specific, things that will make you know absolutely that they are there; things about what’s going on in your life right now.”

“All I is ask is that you open your ears, unlock all your senses, and allow your peeps to be a part of your life,” writes Sydney on her website, www.sydneysherman.net.

Why is sharing her message so important to her? “We’re all gonna die some day. That’s the reality. I know, our loved ones who have passed are trying desperately to get our attention, every single day, all the time. We are going to be ignored just like they are being ignored. But we can learn so much from them. We can get physical and emotional comfort from them. It’s a very serene feeling when they are close to you. Any increase in energy is good for our bodies and our biorhythms.”

People who have had these experiences report that these connections with their loved ones have helped them to deal with life in a more positive, productive way. “It’s hard to see someone who has lost their husband and they feel that they are totally and completely gone, and they’re devastated by it,” says Sydney. “I spend time with them and they begin to have experiences of their own on a regular basis and make it a part of their normal life. The difference in these people is absolutely amazing. They can have a new relationship with the one who has passed. It helps them find joy again.”

That pain and sorrow that is a part of grief can keep an individual from moving on in their life. But when they are able to maintain a new relationship although different, they often find freedom to not forget, but to move forward in life. Sydney works as a nurse and has spent much time with the elderly population in bereavement. “As long as they know they can still have a connection with that person they have shared a life with, they can go on and continue in their life.”

The connection they make in the spiritual realm enables people to move on in their physical space. They know it’s absolutely okay, and they accept that, but may feel guilty about it. This release of guilt allows them to happily go on with their lives and new relationships while they continue to share a relationship with those who have passed.

The spiritual presence comes in different forms. One man, who lost his wife five years ago, sits at the kitchen table every morning and has his wife’s cup at her place where they used to talk about what their day would hold. The cup handle turns each day and he is reassured of her presence with him. He continues the dialogue with her.

Another gentleman wanted to believe in the worst way. He reports seeing his wife’s face inches from him at home. “But I put her in the ground. It’s not possible. She’s dead,” he told Sydney. “Our minds have been told for years that they leave us and we won’t see them again until we are gone. It’s just not true,” she says. “We don’t decide. We have no say in it. They (spirits) choose us. If they are assigned to you they don’t leave your side and are with you forever and always. They can be with others as well and are not limited to how many places they can be at once. We all have some spiritual energy with us. Most people have two to three spirits with them at once, sometimes more.”

Sydney shares some tools in her talks to help people recognize spiritual energy. She does exercises about recognizing spirits in our midst through noticing familiar scents, that static like feeling when you rub a balloon in your hair and the light wisp of a dry facecloth touching your skin. It’s about training your brain to know what to look for in a way that is both practical and rational.

“I don’t know what it’s like not to see people,” says Sydney. “And it is never ever detrimental. I have never seen an evil negative energy. In the living, yes, I’ve seen evil. But interacting with spirit energy can only cause us good. We should make the connection so we aren’t hurting all the time. If you lose someone it’s painful, a raw experience. It’s something we carry with us all the time. When you have absolute proof that they are there, you can have some kind of relationship with them. It relieves the sadness. You still grieve but they are still there. It’s about the relationship. And when we pass on we may have an opportunity for others to recognize us in the same way.”

Sydney was raised Catholic and does believe in God or some higher power. She describes Heaven as, “the name we give to a place that some of us believe we go when we pass. It’s just a name.” She has asked loved ones about Heaven and doesn’t get an answer. Her mother suggests that there may be some things that we are just not meant to know until it’s our time to go.

She had a cousin who was “evil personified, psychologically imbalanced, bad news.” When he passed, some might have thought he would go to Hell. But that’s not where I see him. I see him with everyone else. So it begs the question, if people aren’t paying a penance as we are told, why not? It’s because anger, resentment, fear, all those things are human emotions. We are no longer human with those flaws. We can’t be evil anymore. We go back to energy. I have never seen an evil spirit. Human emotions no longer exist. They come around us as guidance and protection and to be a part of our lives. They are still here and a part of our lives. It is a different kind of love.”

Sydney Sherman is the author of Gifted Innocence and My Gifted Innocence, as well as the recently released You Are Not Alone, Our Loved Ones are Here…You’re Just Not Listening. Her goal with this book as well as her workshops and lectures is to provide clarity and understanding of the paranormal. Visit www.SydneySherman.net.

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