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By: Patricia Ann Chaffee

lurrae-luponedesigningThe ancient Chinese art of placement, more commonly known as feng shui (pronounced fung-shway) has been around for thousands of years and has seen wider acceptance in the west in recent years. With more than 40,000 results in an Amazon.com search for feng shui, there is much to learn and much to gain from exploring the optimization of energy within our homes and within our lives. Simple changes can make a positive difference. Using feng shui principles and applying enhancements or “cures,” our lives can be enhanced, bringing about peace and harmony.

Feng shui consultant Lurrae Lupone of Madison, Connecticut became enchanted with feng shui back in 1995 when she attended the Institute of Bau-Biologie & Ecology – Feng Shui Studies in Clearwater, Florida. She has devoted her life to helping people use feng shui to improve their lives, going so far as to consider feng shui a form of therapy.

She describes it as “an ancient practice based on great wisdom and common sense principles, an interpretation of how powerful one’s personal environment is in shaping their health and happiness.”

“The happier you are,” says Lurrae, “the healthier you are, the better you can move on in life and let go of what no longer works for you. Within your home space you can place furniture and personal belongings in a certain way that makes a difference, helping to make change or see things in a new way.”

The Bagua: Nine Life Aspirations

The bagua in feng shui is one of the primary tools for evaluating the energy of a space and feng shui, is all about improving the energy or chi. “The bagua is a template which represents the nine life aspirations, also known as energies one can work with in feng shui,” says Lurrae who honors all schools of thought. Within 20 minutes of sitting in that first class back in 1995, she saw the image of the bagua and said, “There isn’t anything about anyone’s life, regardless of their situation that doesn’t fit somewhere into that bagua.

“It could be relationships, career, money, health, etc. If I could find a quick way to focus on the individual’s primary goal, preferably the top three in order of priority, I could be a helpful agent to help move them toward their goal. And it can be transformative.”

If you have your own home you can control the property within your boundaries, and then individual rooms, and the space within those rooms. You have control over that. And in life we don’t have control over some things at times, but through applying some feng shui principles, Lurrae believes people can take control of their life.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Research

“There is a science and research based on happiness. One of the key things is changing your habits and doing what makes you personally happy. These all fit into the areas of the bagua. So I’m blending ancient wisdom with modern research.”

In feng shui most schools of thought can be categorized into one of three different categories: traditional or classical feng shui, the intuitive/modern school and lastly the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism School (BTB). This school of thought is a combination of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and Classical Feng Shui and was developed by Chinese grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun. There is a heavy focus on the chi of the environment as well as on the individual. That connection with the individual is why Lurrae sees feng shui as a therapy in some way.

feng-shui-baguaFeng Shui as Therapy

“Feng shui as therapy comes from my background as a teacher and guidance counselor. I come from a therapeutic coaching background. When I was introduced to feng shui, I saw it as a therapeutic tool, being an extremely powerful way to help people make changes in their life. People change when they take some kind of action and the home is the most personal of spaces. It’s an extremely powerful way to take action and see results immediately in what they want to do.”

It begins with a consultation that can last as long as a full day but can also be broken up into shorter sessions if that is the client’s preference. She gives clients the option of beginning each consultation with an angel reading for themselves or a departed loved one. She understands her gifts as a psychic medium and incorporates these gifts into what can be a very intuitive practice.

She begins each consultation with the “feng shui conversation” which focuses on the client to learn more about them and what their needs are. She identifies areas that are most in need of change and focuses on the client asking what they want to do next, or what they are willing to change. The consultation itself involves a look at the property while keeping in mind the three prioritized areas of change and how to make those changes. Ideal colors, lucky direction and astrology come into play to get a clearer picture of the client and what feng shui cures might affect the greatest change. Traditional feng shui cures might include fountains, mirrors, crystals, living plants, especially bamboo for success and abundance, and sometimes nudging a table a few inches, clearing a closet or moving the sofa.

She shares an account of one client who was engaged, when her fiancé was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. His family intervened and took him to be with them up north but his possessions were still all over her house. Through the consultation the client was able to decide that it was time to let go and she returned the engagement ring to the family, passed the clothes and other items on, and as soon as she did this, a new man came into her life. That couldn’t have happened as long as she was still living in the past. She still has wonderful memories but the physical reminders are gone which cleared energetic space for a new relationship.

Feng shui cures are plentiful and often very simple, and different schools of thought within this ancient practice may suggest different things. Lurrae’s practice is just one way and there are many, many resources available to learn more. But exploring feng shui and its potential for transformation is worth the effort.

“A few small changes can be profound and effect how you feel,” says Lurrae. “My approach is to work very closely with the client. We have the freedom to choose and to make ourselves happy. It is empowering to clients to take steps, and once they do, things change.”

With a certain degree of serendipity, she self-published a book that is now in its’ 4th printing called Designing a Happier Life – Feng Shui with Lurrae. It is a guidebook to Lurrae’s unique and particular approach to feng shui that combines modern with classical ancient practices, and understands feng shui as a potentially transformative experience. The book was a finalist for the 2014 Eric Hoffer Award for Short Prose and Independent Books. It can be purchased through Amazon.com. For more information about Lurrae Lupone visit her at http://fengshuiwithlurrae.com.

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